leo's guy

remember the japanese crochet book i so loved from my Better Pal gift?!   well, my friends’ little boy broke his fingers, so i wanted to make him a “softie” that also had a cast… (and i really wanted to make something from this book.. and this was the perfect excuse)
leos-bear1.jpg   leos-bear4.jpg   leos-bear-book.jpg
since Leo has a cast for his fingers, his bear does too! in the end, we couldn’t decide if it was a bear or elephant or mouse… i did sew on eyes before givng him to Leo      
leos-guy4.jpg   leos-guy31.jpg   leos-guy2.jpg
i didnt end up making a mouth… he’s much cuter without one, and can take on any personality at any time… perfect for a 9 yr old boy, haha

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