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Older free patterns are here, all written by me, Midnight Knitter (circa early 2000’s), for my old company kpixie and some just as blog posts way back then. I’ve converted all of these patterns to PDFs so they are easier to save. I have to admit, I wanted to update all of these! Many do not have gauge listed. They all have favorable reviews on ravelry.com so I’ll trust they are good enough for a free pattern.


  • galit

    i really love your works!
    you inspires me!
    i started crochetting a month ago…

    have a nice week,

    Galit, Israel

  • Vicki

    Wow!!! I came across your blog, after a long dry spell. This is a great inspiration!!! I am already trying to remember what yarn I have and what to make!!
    Keep on knitting/crochetting!!!
    Vicki, Indiana

  • Beverly

    What ever happened to the “larger” size of the cap sleeve t that you were going to put up? I love the smaller version and i remember back when you first put it up you told me that you’d have the adult version up soon. A knitting friend of mine said to me the other day “Look at this great pattern I’ve found but I’d die to have it in a grown-up size”. Guess which pattern it was? Yep, the cotton candy cap sleeve t. Small world. Anyway – just checking. Thanks!

  • sarah

    hi, just found your blog after seeing your lovely bag on knitty.
    was searching through your patterns and the crocheted duck is the greatest thing i have ever seen..
    my crochet isn’t great, but i would learn just so i could make it.
    any chance of the pattern?

    much love x

  • Irma

    Wow I love your works! Beautiful patterns… :)
    I’m pretty new to knitting and I’d love to make the ‘sunglasses condom’, but could you tell me the gauge? I have left-over yarn that I’d love to turn into this and was wondering if I could substitute it. Thanks :)

  • begoodtanya

    I really like the Via Mala Rectangle Purse – – could you tell me what type of yarn that is – ie., bulky, extrabulky – i can never find big yarn:P.

  • Sarah

    I’m a little unclear on the lace cap pattern where it says “do not use and edge stitch.” Is that do not use AN edge stitch? Also, is the first / third decrease row (k2tog, k1) across? If not, wouldn’t k2tog across, k1 not work out with an even number of stitches? Thanks.

  • Katee

    You are amazing, just came across your blog through Knitty and thought I would take a look! Wow! So glad I have an insight to the person that designs the patterns! I wish I could knit half as much as you do!! That would be the life!
    Thank you!

  • Lynn

    you had a pattern for tweedy mittens posted a few weeks ago. I can’t find it now. Can I get a copy of that pattern?

  • Roslyn

    I’m glad I found this. I just started crocheting again. Your patterns will really help. I started making a small pocketbook just to see if I could.

  • Judi Welbaum

    I am interested in the scarf you did with GGH soft kid yarn….. it is a stripey scarf…. working k2, p1 ribbing on size 10 needles…..
    what is the exact pattern for it????


  • Dean

    I ditto the” WOWS” above! Just happened across you site and am so inspired, dazzled to find the cool, contemporary designs in crochet, not always the easiest to find -you know! Rock on!!


  • jt

    Hi, I absolutely love the “Claudia’s Project” with the flower crochet hat. I’ve been dreaming of making a hat like that for years! I’ve been trying it over and over, and I can’t seem to get the part where you ch1, and then sc into same ch, part correct. It gets really bulky and messy right there. Do you have any tips? Thanks so much! jt

  • Nadine

    Thank you for posting all these awesome patterns – I have made your Twiggy Tweed, and the heartfelt purse.
    I also LOVE that Jaeger purse and in fact have some in my stash, but the link to the pattern doesn’t seem to work – help!


  • rhea

    I just made your pink beginner’s hat, it turned out really nice, but i used a regular yarn that i had and used the j needle. The hat can fit a doll, how do i use the same pattern and the same yarn to make a hat for an adult. I used tlc worsted medium yarn. How do i make it bigger with the same yarn. I have two boxes of this yarn.
    Thanks a lot for all your pretty patterns,

  • Vera Unwin

    Can you tell me what the symbol on the “Rock On” pattern signifies please. It looks interesting. I have only just found your website and am looking forward to chrocheting the Handy Cotton PouchPouch.Vera – UK

  • Ev

    I think the crown idea is great. I work for a pediatrician who works with children with arthritis, and I think this would be something I could make to donate to his “treasure chest” and hopefully they work up quickly. I was thinking about stringing some sparkly beads into the pattern somehow, any clue how to do this, or would it be best to just sew them on afterwards? Thanks for the cute pattern.

  • Lana Myers

    I have crocheted a few of the kitty cozies, but my three cats are big (39 inches nose to tail tip and weigh in at around 18 pounds each). They love their cozies, but I had to really expand the pattern making them about 18 inches across. Do you have any suggestions for making it stronger or thicker? The sides are so soft that the cozy flattens out. Maybe using something like rug yarn? craft yarn? a very bulky, but light, yarn? I used 2 strands of worsted weight, but I have a loose tension. Open to suggestions. I loved the calendar. Thanks much!

  • jeannette

    the flower that is on the chunky lace hat could i get the pattern for it . i love it
    pleae and thank you

  • Leni


    I really love your cloche hat and would like to give the knit pattern a try. New to knitting as I am, can I ask what might be a really stupid question: Is it knit flat or in the round?

    Many thanks!

  • jj

    great site–just discovered you through an email link from sarah on about.com. i am interested in your spindle used for the hand spinning. i went to the icanspin.com site, but could not find the link for it. i have a wooden spindle purchased at claude moore farm park in va., but can’t seem to get it working right. i know i need more instruction. where did you get the video for learning to spinn? also, i’m interested in your koolaid dyeing. did you have a blog entry on what it looked like? i’ll have to look that one up too. have you ever tried some plant dyeing, i.e., with berries or such? thanks–love your blog and site. can’t wait to try some patterns!!

  • Sari Strand

    I LOVE the pup sweater pattern. I am starting my 5th one tonight. I have a very spoiled Boston Terrier who looks good in it.

  • Amanda

    You have some pretty awesome patterns and are an angel for sharing them with one and all.

    I have enjoyed browsing your blog and look forward to looking around some more. Keep up the great work!!

    You are makeing Knitter’s world wide very proud!!

    New Brunswick, Canada

  • diana Graff

    Thank you for sharing all of these free patterns with the rest of us out there that love to knit and crochet ;) specially for the kitty bed, that’s a project that I am taking seriously. I plan to donate my creations to our local SPCA

  • jeannette

    hi the flower do you have that on a pattern the one on the organe and teal hat . if you do i’d love it or coudl you tell me where to get it
    pleae nd thanks so much i love your work it really inspires me

  • Karen

    Have a quick question on the pup pattern.

    After the rib, do you work 4 rows in stocking stitch and then increase?

    Thanks for sharing this ;-)

  • Angelina

    your patterns/ideas are WONDERFUL!!!!
    I do more knitting than crocheting… but, I will definitely have to keep my crochet hooks “on the ready” so I can try out some of your patterns!!!

    what a talent you have!!

    and thanks for sharing it with us.

  • dani

    Hello, I saw your pictures of the baby ugg booties, and was wondering if you still had the pattern. i cannot find it anywhere on DIY (can only find a video) Please let me know if you still have it, thanks!

  • nellie

    Hi, I came across your site while searching for leg warmers. I loved your pattern. Thanks so much! Ran out to get some yarn to match the colors you used in yours. Well, I really should be using up my stash, but, haven’t bought any new yarn in a while. I also plan to make the mittenettes and kureyon skull cap soon!

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