tweedy mittens knitting pattern

knit – Tweedy Mittens pattern

Here is my knit mitten pattern in the round. A free pattern for those that are looking for a simple pair of knitted mittens that can be easily customized. My new Men’s mitten pattern is coming soon!

I really love the way the thumb turned out in this pattern, it’s not bulky at all. You could use all one color of yarn for this pattern or two colors for this stripe pattern. I created this pattern so long ago and I have all of my mittens that I’ve knit still in my winter chest. It’s a pattern that created a long lasting structure, no delicate sections that might unravel or come apart with wear.

My pattern, this one that you’re using right now, was in the Stitch ‘N Bitch Page-A-Day Calendar 2007? Yes it was.

closeup of mitten thumb

I’ve had a ton of reviews (blog comments and ravelry comments) saying this pattern is written just perfect for beginner mitten knitters. Easy to follow. Even if you’re a seasoned mitten knitter you will appreciate the shaping of the thumb.

You will need:
1 ball Plymouth Galway Highland
1 skein Peace Fleece Worsted

US 7 double pointed needles (4)


  • Karen

    Do you have access to a pattern for mittens like the one you have posted but with a singlecable from the tip to the edge of the ribbing. I have a good friends who lost her grandmother's pattern for such a mitten. I found one with a cable going to the bottom edge of the glove but it should stop at the rib. Thanks for your time.

  • paulette goetz

    I have made 5 potluck mits. Being a beginner to intermediate knitter, I find your instructions to be above all others. So clear and understandable.
    I am hoping you have a pattern for fingerless mits that include the fingers like potluck pattern does for the thumb.
    Many thanks,
    Paulette Goetz

  • Susan Ernst

    I just made my 1st pair of these Mittenettes…now…EVERYBODY I know, wants a pair. Thank you! pattern was really easy. And I love them!

  • Karen

    I understand the directions except the m1 stitch. Nothing at the bottom to explain it. What is the stich?

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