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knit – Twiggy Tweed

My pattern “twiggy tweed” goes into the archive… Which also means i get to use the pattern wherever i want to, post it online, get it published…. hmmm…

free knit bag pattern

i LOVE being mentioned on the Punk Rock Knit Girls blog, even if its just a comment:

“a little more on the design of twiggy tweed… i wanted to make something fun to knit… sure, it’s not totally practical as a purse, but i’ve been using mine on occasion to cart around my phone and wallet while shopping… not an everyday bag of course… the construction is really a blast, i even saw someone who did a felted version!”


  • Ansley

    Thanks so much for the mention! I really dug the pattern, so much that I cast on for another one right away. Sadly, I don’t think I got any piccies before it was gifted as a going away present, but she loved it, too!

  • bunny

    i absolutely love this bag – i plan on making a bunch. i am somewhat of a beginner (i know my way around my neeedles and am tired of scarves) but i have a goofy question about your pattern and googling and craftster arent helping… so – how do i “break off yarn”?? is it just cut and tie in a knot? (in the body of the bag to weave the contrast in) how do i do that?

    thanks so very much for helping my goofy self!

  • Liz

    hey! I found your blog while searching around the internet for more info about twiggy tweed. i knit one but am starting construction and its just turning out awful, so i figured who better to ask than the person who wrote the pattern! It’s coming out very flat, similar to this knitter’s,, like windows, instead of squishy like yours! Should I try knitting the CC strip larger? Re-knit the body with slits instead of holes? Am I just not getting how to seam it probably? (Which is my worst thing as a knitter, I should have thought about that before starting when I realized how much seaming was involved). Find a new thicker yarn (used Lion Brand Wool Ease)?
    Its sort of weird to ask on a comment to clarify the pattern, but I really want a purse like the picture. Thank you sooo much.

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